Clara G. Gjesdal

Rheumatologist, MD, PhD


Director, Dept of rheumatology, Haukeland University Hospital Associate Professor, Institute of Medicine, University of Bergen

Areas of interest:

Rheumatology, immunology, osteoporosis



Basic profession

MD (medical doctor (1989), specialist in rheumatology (1996))

Academic degrees

PhD, University of Bergen, 2007
MD, 1989


Epidemiologic studies of osteoporosis in Hordaland. Issues related to body composition and B-vitamins (2007)

Professional experience

Senior consultant in general rheumatology and osteoporosis.
Co-advisor for 2 PhD candidates.


Humanprisen 2010 in rheumatology
Leader award (Lederprisen) 2015, the Norwegian Medical Association



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Publications in PubMed

Selected publications

Øyen J, Brudvik C, Gjesdal CG, Tell GS, Lie SA, Hove LM. Osteoporosis as a risk factor for distal radial fractures: a case-control study. J Bone Joint Surg Am 2011;93:348-56.

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