As the osteoporosis substudy was established under the umbrella of HUBRO in 2000, an osteoporosis research group was established, including professors, senior researchers, and research fellows from Oslo and its surroundings. The group is a meeting point for epidemiologists and clinicians involved in osteoporosis-related research. We have monthly meetings located at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, where research topics are presented and discussed.

Institutions represented:

• Norwegian Institute of Public Health
• University of Oslo
• Oslo University College
• Oslo University Hospital (Aker and Ullevål)
• Diakonhjemmet Hospital
• Innlandet Hospital (Hamar and Lillehammer)
• Sunnaas Rehabilitation Hospital
• Glittreklinikken


Professor E. F. Eriksen demonstrates a new device for measuring bone quality in tibia (photo: Helene Devold)










Topics covered in 2010-2012:

• What are the associations between waist hip ratio, body mass index and hip fractures? Cohort of Norway
• Experiences from overseas research visit in Sydney, Australia
• Mortality and risk factors related to osteoporosis and osteoporotic fractures – are men at increasing risk?
• Demonstration of a new instrument for assessing bone quality
• Topics from visited international scientific congresses
• Possible causes of incidence trends in hip fractures: Discussion
• Environmental exposures and bone
• Atypical femur fractures
• pH in drinking water and forearm fractures: The Norwegian Waterworks Register
• Calcium, vitamin D, and mortality in studies of osteoporosis
• Osteoporosis medication and mortality; the DUBBO study, Australia
• Quality assurance of data on hip fractures in Norway 1994-2008: The NOREPOS hip fracture database
• How to utilize our data sources optimally and get data published in renowned journals: Discussion
• Cellular mechanisms for the effects of various anti-osteoporotic drugs
• Use of new and old anti-osteoporotic drugs: The Norwegian Prescription Database
• Biochemical markers of bone turnover
• Duration of excess mortality after hip fractures in Oslo
• Omega-3 fatty acids and bone health: A literature review
• Interdisciplinary challenges in side effects of antiresorptive treatment – the dentist’s role
• How is the osteoporosis patient and her (or his) family doing?

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