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The Hordaland Health Study (HUSK) – Osteoporosis substudy

Bergen, view from Fløyen

Bergen (photo: Tomoyoshi Noguchi)

The Hordaland Health Study was conducted 1997-2000 as a population-based study, including about 26000 adult and elderly participants. Among these, ca. 7000 participants born 1925-27 and 1950-51 were invited to participate in the Osteoporosis substudy. Of these, 2237 of the oldest and 3140 of the youngest cohorts met for bone mineral density measurements. They attended a health examination including measurements of blood pressure, height and weight. Blood samples were drawn (serum, plasma and whole blood samples are stored), and the participants provided information concerning lifestyle, use of medication and background variables by self-administered questionnaires. In addition, a 169-item food frequency questionnaire was filled in, providing detailed information on dietary habits during the previous year.

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Bone mineral density (BMD) was measured using a stationary, dual x-ray densitometer (EXPERT-XL; Lunar Company Inc). In addition to hip scan of bone mineral density, whole body BMD and body composition were assessed. Women in the cohort born 1950-51 were invited to a second BMD measurement two years after the first measurement. Around 1900 of these women met for the first measurement, 1500 for the second.

Computerized discharge diagnoses records for all hospitals in Hordaland County were searched for hip fracture diagnoses. Each diagnosis was confirmed by an adequate surgical procedure code. The first fracture of proximal femoral neck occurring between study inclusion and the date of diagnosis extraction was used. The first collection of hip fracture data took place in November 2005, the second in December 2009. Due to very few hip fractures in the youngest cohort (47-49 years at inclusion), this cohort has so far not been included in the hip fracture studies.

The osteoporosis study in HUSK has given rise to studies on the association between BMD and homocystein (1), and on BMD and vitamins K1 and K2 (2). In another study, BMD in the study population versus BMD in the reference population provided by the densitometer manufacturer was investigated (3). The impact of lean mass and fat mass on BMD has also been studied (4).

The risk of hip fracture has been studied in relation to plasma homocystein, folate and vitamin B12 in one study (5) and in relation to dietary vitamins K1 and K2 in another (6).

One PhD degree has been completed based on data from the osteoporosis part of HUSK (7). A second PhD student and a post doctor are currently working with these data.

In addition to osteoporosis research within HUSK, investigators have participated in other studies on BMD and fractures with collaborators both within the NOREPOS research collaboration (8-14), as well as other, external collaborators (15,16), e.g. on BMD after jejunoileal bypass (17), and the effect of glucorticoid substitution on bone in primary adrenal insufficiency (Addison’s disease) (18). Among other studies on bone health from Bergen is the SPOR study where about 750 persons with distal radius fractures took part. Risk of fracture in relation to BMD and vitamin D-status was investigated (19-21) and resulted in a PhD degree (22).



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